MLMM First Line Friday – A Pocket Watch

Alexi watched the snowfall with narrowed eyes. It was two days before Christmas and he had no money for presents. This would be the solution, snow!

“I’ll just go door to door and shovel as many walks as I can for the next two days. That should get me enough money for my mom’s present.”

Alexi had seen his mother gazing into the shop window with that far away look in her eyes. She was looking dreamily at an old watch. The watch had a chain and a part that you could push and it would spring open.

The pocket watch was taken to the pawn shop by her husband, when he was too sick to work. Money had always been a problem for the small family, but this was his dad’s last effort.

After two days of hard work, Alexi stepped into the pawn shop and retrieved his father’s watch. Now at least his mother would be able to hold it while thinking of her husband. Alexi’s dad died the year before.