Time to Write – Dazzle

He couldn’t help himself, staring, with that mischievous smile he couldn’t hide, just watching her.

Madeleine pretended not to feel his burning gaze, she knew her very presence turned him on. She played him, his emotions, as she seductively slid into the chair opposite him. The cafe was poorly lit, but the sheen of her dazzling blue satin dress reflected in her eyes. She chose it purposely, knew the fabric would cling to her shapely body, tempting him. She was careful to position herself in the best light, her arms resting on the table in front of her, accentuating her perfect breasts.

He was smitten, an old fashioned word for an ancient malady. He breathed in her spicy scent, almost closing his eyes with thoughts of the evening’s end.

She leaned in to whisper a phrase he knew well, and then rose to leave. Dinner was out of the question now, the only food he wanted, thought he needed, was right in front of him, clothed in blue.

Madeleine turned and slipped her arm in his and they left the cafe. After reaching the outside pavement, she pulled him to her for a long kiss. He was almost surprised, but eager. A cab was hailed and the adventure began. Arriving at her apartment, the doorman gave her a wink. Jeffrey didn’t notice, his eyes were on Madeleine. A few drinks later, Madeleine decided it was time. Jeffrey was half laying on the sofa, suddenly tired, waiting what seemed an eternity for her to “change into something more comfortable”, as she put it.

And change she did. He was pleasantly surprised to see her come to him in a long black see-through garment. He tried to rise at her entrance, but his legs seemed weak. Madeleine closed in, covering him with her body, kissing his neck.

The last thing Jeffrey felt was a stinging bite.

Time To Write: Dazzle [Creative Writing Prompt]

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