Daily Prompt: Enroll

I guess when we’re born, we are automatically enrolled in this big mess that is LIFE, like it or not. We didn’t ask for it, plan on it, or want it. It was decided for us by our parents and whatever they decided to enroll in before becoming parents. You would hope people who decide to become parents would take a bit of time to make that decision. It’s another life you bring into the world, it’s your responsibility, your choice, not theirs. So before you make that choice for this new innocent life, think!

I wanted children and so did my husband. We were lucky, and they turned out well. Ultimately they had to choose what life they would lead, but we were responsible to do our best while they were under our care. Today the family dinners, the closeness, is interrupted by machines, an old fashioned term. Cell phones, computers, tv, all take some of that responsibility away from parents, and that is irresponsible parenting. Everyone works in or out of the home, is tired, frustrated by whatever problems come up. The lives you create need nurturing by you, not a texting friend or electronic screen.