MLMM Wordle #216

How sad, this bother, ministering aide to this forgotten man. At first he pulled at my heartstrings, in an oblique manner, or so I thought. Joe was a needed glow, a placebo of sorts, for my missing mate.

I didn’t realize how lonely I was, how needy, how I’d slipped into a self deprecating mush of need. I don’t think Joe was trying to maim my heart, but of course, I did let him. He needed me even more than I needed him.

Today was the last straw. I finally woke up to realize the crux of my problems was not Joe, or his fault, not really, it was a result of my desperation. Joe was also a victim, and we needed to go our separate ways. We both need closure of our past relationships, move into the future with confidence, a new found purpose.


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