SoCS 12-29-18

❄️Cold❄️ here. Eight degrees today, bits of snow trying to fall, and we’re supposed to seesaw into the forties next week. No wonder everyone’s getting sick! Knock on wood, I’m fine. I decided I am spoiled rotten since the Internet went out yesterday and came on this morning, which meant no email or posting or writing. You see I’m an iPad person, I don’t write by hand anymore. Lazy, isn’t it? I did see a book that looked interesting in Barnes and Noble today: “The Sisters of the Winter Wood” about a Jewish family with secrets, the best kind of course! 😉



As far as the Prompt goes…”hotel trivago” was the first thing I heard when the tv came on. Okie dokie, I’ll take a hotel in Maui, please. Have a great weekend people! 🤗

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 29/18


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