30 Day Song Challenge #28

A song by an artist whose voice you love:

Jeff Gutt sings “Feelin’ Good”. Jeff had our family votes and we loved his voice. You can find him on YouTube. However, he always wanted to be a hard rock singer, very different from his performances on the Xfactor. He came in second which was too bad because he struggled afterwards to make an album. When he did, it wasn’t an album using his beautiful full range voice which personally I think would have been more popular? Just my opinion. He is now replacing the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots which is probably a dream of his. I hope he is successful now. I feel he was cheated out of the win on the Xfactor. Sometimes the producers change the contestant too much, but in Jeff’s case I think they brought out the best in him. I recommend watching the black and white video of Hallelujah on Youtube.

30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1