MLMM Tale Weaver #202

“Evening becomes you”, he said as if everything was perfectly normal, he was complimenting me, he was not standing there with the knife, and I was not breathing my last laying on the floor.

I first met him at an online dating service. Of course his picture was delightful and very inviting, so I decided to text him back. The next few days were nonstop meetings and I was hooked. He was devilishly handsome, a term that proved too true. He was charming beyond my dreams and everything was what I wished for, wished so hard I failed to see it was too everything, too perfect.

As I lay here bloody and regretful for ever having met him, my only hope was one of my friends would call. The three of us had a pact to periodically call each other when we chose to date someone we didn’t know well. The plan worked if I adhered to it, but I was so blindly positive I ignored my inner warnings.

This night started out well, drinks and dinner at a well known spot, and then when we reached his car in the lot, he roughly pushed me against it. Thinking he didn’t realize how powerful he was I laughed nervously. I knew we were reaching the point where the evening wouldn’t end in just dinner. I thought I was ready. I made some flippant comment, almost a flirt, and he smiled and we headed to my apartment.

Everything seemed normal until his face changed from the usual smile to a darkness that was new to me. I should have realized I was in trouble. I may have been able to calmly walk into the bathroom, lock the door, call my friend, or even 911. But I was not that person who thought ahead. I was careless and trusting and now here I am, a bloody heap.

Continued in MLMM First Line Friday


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