Scott’s Daily Prompt: Bag

Okay, just delete now if you’re squeamish. Remember I warned you…

As a person who has so far survived bladder cancer, 3 and 1/2 years, yes I’m counting (it’s what cancer survivors do) I am very familiar with the word bag. That’s why my blog is named the Bag Lady ’cause I thought it was funny. Humor is vital!

In fact as I read a post, sorry I don’t remember whose it was, but they asked women about being a man, and what your reaction would be if you woke up and found things had changed…

Well I don’t have to wonder. I know. After having my bladder removed I had an illeostomy which is using part of your intestines to form a direct line from your kidneys to an opening in your abdomen called an ostomy.

Urine does not pass Go, goes directly to Jail–the ostomy. This lovely item looks like a large raspberry sitting on your abdomen. It is permanent.

Now about the bag part. The manufacturers call it an appliance, however it requires no batteries or electricity to operate. It does require vigilance. The “appliance” is a plastic bag. Still with me? Man, you are a trooper…

The plastic bag is attached by a ring of ugly brown glue adhesive that surrounds the ostomy/raspberry. Then another outside ring of lighter mesh adhesive surrounds that. It is fitted with a spout in order to empty the accumulated urine.

The reason I say I don’t need to imagine being a man with “parts” is that when standing, the bag does hang, sorry guys, but I warned you, and if moving, it does flop around a bit. Sorry again…

It needs adjusting in your underwear and is uncomfortable if not positioned right. It allows a person who is able to stand, to relieve themselves as a man would, say behind a tree in the country, on a long trip with no facilities in sight?

Well you get the picture…probably more than you want to know. But it is November, my 6th month checkup is due and I try to remind everyone at the time of these checkups that bladder cancer is not a death sentence. So get yourself checked out if you have any of these symptoms:

It is one if those cancers people don’t like to talk about, but need to. Mine went undiagnosed too long. Don’t let it happen to you or your loved ones.


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