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Most of the time I don’t post much about writing because I do not consider myself a writer or an author—certainly, which I see in my comments section? I don’t like following too many rules when writing; to me it takes the fun out of it.

I would never assume I had the talent to write a book, etc and admire those who can and do. My blog is just a blog, hopefully entertaining at times giving you a laugh, or letting you inside my “inner sanctum” which is a term I probably heard in an old horror movie when a child. I like to laugh and enjoy reading. I read a lot of serious things and need an outlet to keep my mind from going into depression in the world I see today.

Summing it up, I would say I enjoy scribbling, not making a JOB out of it. And as far as editing goes—it’s a blog! Give yourself a break—we all make mistakes, just enjoy the overall meaning.



17 thoughts on “Blogging Insights

  1. I don’t take blogging too seriously. It’s not a job, I’m not making money doing it. I do my best to edit what I write just so it makes some sense. I guess you could say blogging for me is sort of a hobby.

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    1. Thanks for that. I feel sort of at odds now thinking editing is missing in my posts. However I can read over something a few times and still miss something. 🙄🤓🥸


  2. Your last bit is fine if you simply enjoy writing. But I think if you want readers, it’s better to polish. If someone can’t be bothered to make something clean, why should I be bothered to read them?

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