Word of the Day: Hopeful and Afterwards Prompt: Firestorm

The gifts opened

Wishes conveyed

Now it’s time

To see what you paid

Open the checkbook

For a long stare

You’d be amazed what’s missing there

Of course you were hopeful

There’d still be some left

For January bills

But there must have been theft!

The deposits made were quite a few

But now you see how much you withdrew

Your significant other looks right down their nose

You spent that much, tempers arose

Your only excuse is “I was going freeform,

It’s so popular now, caused a firestorm

Their reply is short, not so sweet:

Go back to your job and back on your feet.

A tale of remorse and overspending

Sadly these days, it’s never ending!


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12 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Hopeful and Afterwards Prompt: Firestorm

  1. I think about this all the time over Christmas, how some people can get themselves into debt with buying too much. When will people understand that giving joy to others does not have to be in the material form. 🥺

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  2. yes, great poem! i am doing a low spend month to hopefully make up for all the money that poured through my hands in December. Happy New Year…….wishing you a year with LOTS of smiles 🙂

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