FFfAW #191

Yeah, they’ll never find ‘er now!

Ya really think so? I mean the lot is abandoned, something about back taxes on the property…

Yup, that’s why I picked it. Sure helps working in the county assessor office, right, Joe?

Yup, sure does. But what about when they find out the old gal’s missing? Think they’ll remember you looking up her info?

Nah, it’s how the government works. It’s so slow, so much paperwork to go through, we’ll be long gone afore then.

Tahiti, here we come! Right Joe?

Sure, Jack. One more thing though…


I just need you to look closely into the hole to make sure she’s all covered.

Oh, okay, no problem, Joe.

Joe started up the engine one more time for the final push, and he was on his way…alone.



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