Putting My Feet in the Dirt 27, and WATW 10-28-18

It always was a mysterious place to visit. It wasn’t that it was terribly small, but the intriguing stories we heard from people who’d been there. I’m not saying they always really entered the abode, being a thing of legend, but our curiosity drove us to it.

An ordinary Sunday afternoon, all the guys watching baseball since it was the World Series, so we ladies decided to gather at the cobweb cloaked coven, have a few drinks, and then investigate this tiny house.

We knew the consequences of the Alice spell, but it was almost Halloween and since our brooms were in the shop readying for the big night, it was something to do. We were witches after all, and it took quite a bit for us to be scared of anything. Of course there was that time old Hagatha was in the path of that water bucket, but I digress.

We approached the little house, pulled out our vials of the shrinking spell and walked in.

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