Sunday Photo Fiction and Putting My Feet in the Dirt 28

She was usually a mild mannered teacher, pleasant to the children and her fellow instructors. It was October and the classroom was already acting up with the change in the weather. It was the week of Halloween and the students were looking forward to the pumpkin carving contest.

Mrs. Jones was always relenting when it came to the excitement of any holiday and thought it was a fine idea to let the children participate as much as the rules allowed. The rest of the school staff were not as enthusiastic and the principal held no such idea, adamant in discouraging any “pagan” festival.

Being somewhat malleable, Mrs. Jones yielded to some of the wishes of her students and since costume parties were now outlawed, she compromised with a pumpkin carving competition. The prize was of great interest to the students, being an all-you-can-eat ticket to the local creamery. The students’ parents respected Mrs. Jones and were comfortable in her choices.

The Day of the contest all pumpkins were on display. Unfortunately, word of her classroom contest reached the principal and he looked shocked when he entered the room, exclaiming, “what are these abhorrent apparitions?


October Writing Prompts