MLMM Saturday Mix 10-27-18

“More guests? Geez, Henry, we can’t afford this! When we talked of marriage, I never expected all this hoopla for the wedding!”

Henry groaned, “Melissa, I never guessed you wouldn’t want a big wedding. But I see the list has grown.” Henry looked at the list again. Perhaps it did need to be pared down a bit. There were lots of family invited and of course their co workers, neighbors, friends–Henry looked back at Melissa.

“Uh, this is sort of over the top. When we first started planning it didn’t seem to be too many.”

“Henry, remember when you first asked me to marry you?”

“Of course!”

“We were camping, and that night in the tent we cuddled together? We decided it was just the two of us that mattered?”

“Well, I guess so. So no big wedding?”

“Let’s elope!”


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