MLMM First Line Friday 10-26-18

Cass was a nightmare in white silk and pearls. He was the envy of all the other dancers at the club. It had taken months to perfect his act, and now he had a large stream of followers.

Cass’ every day life held him captive in a bookkeeping office in a shoddy part of the city. Most of his office crowd were also disgruntled but well paid employees. Cass always looked skyward to silently thank his mother for pushing him into her own profession. “It’s not exciting, Cassidy, but it pays the bills well”. He could hear her even today, ten years later

Cassidy’s dreams as a child were just that, no hope of becoming a star. He set his sights lower, and at eighteen, started to help backstage as a gofer for the “real” talent. He grew friendly with the other dancers and they convinced him to try out for a spot one night. They helped him with hair and makeup and underpinnings for the white dress. It was now his signature look, perfected over time.

Cass’ debut was a success and even though he tried it as a lark, he realized how much satisfaction he received revealing his true nature. From that day on, he was a quiet bookkeeper by day and a siren at night.


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