Putting My Feet in the Dirt 24,25,26

(the broom of doom, greasy grimy chauffeur guts, ziglet of zombies)

It didn’t take long, learning how to drive the broom of doom, especially when being a chauffeur was the dream of a lifetime. Of course most goblins liked to drive their own broom, but the witches in the area preferred a driver. Then they could sample the brews they concocted with no chance of getting a DUI.

Three such ladies of the occult were happily chatting on the rear seat of the broom when suddenly they heard a splat! And then they saw it and felt it, greasy grimy chauffeur guts, covering every inch of them! The new chauffeur was not watching close enough and ran smackdab into a parliament of owls!

Meanwhile the broom was out of control and descending fast! The witches tried to grab the handle and right themselves, but continued to fall. If it wasn’t for farmer Jones’ hay piles in the field below, well you can imagine. . .As they got up to check for injuries, a ziglet of zombies happened by.

“Hey, you ladies in for a night on the town? We promise you’ll have a ghoul of a time!” Thinking their night of fun was over with the broom accident, the witches were delighted to accept the invitation.

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