Word of the Day: Impressionable

A fifteen year old boy, looked upon as handicapped which in his case is weird because he has no hands, being stared at by children and adults, all his life, received a huge reward. This young man is at an impressionable age of course and returned home from Boston last night. I asked him what made the biggest impact on him. He replied, meeting the Commissioner, Jackie Bradley, Jr, Alex Rodriguez, and walking out on the field of the park itself. We were all jealous here at home, especially of seeing Sharon Robinson again. She is a great person. Cameras and microphones all around. Who wouldn’t be impressed?

We all met for dinner last night and they were still excited about the trip to see the World Series. We also discussed the name because only United States’ Leagues play. This is some of what I found. According to rulesofsport.com:

Impressionable – Word of the Day Challenge


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