Word of the Day: Spectre

Adjusting her pillow one more time, hoping it was the last, Mary closed her eyes, again. Even the blinds would not hold back the parking lot glow. All electrics off and she told herself she was tired enough to sleep.

Sleep was something Mary took as a relief from the day but achieving enough of a relaxed state to sleep was difficult–every night.

Snuggling further under the covers, her soft blanket tucked around her shoulders, Mary tried to let her mind drift into sleep. She practiced what a doctor advised her, to relax parts of her body one by one. She started at her toes.

It was about the time she reached her knees that she heard it. She uncovered her ears from the blanket to listen again. There was a sliding, or scraping noise, definitely. She uncovered the upper part of her body and listened again. The scraping sound made her relive the horror movie she watched earlier. Was it the grim reaper? As she heard the scraping, she shivered. What is that? Another frightened shiver.

Mary sat up and reached for her sweater. She walked to the window and peering out, she saw it. Even in the darkened lot, the spectre was visible.

It was silently snowing and her apartment neighbor was cleaning off his car getting ready to leave for work.

Spectre – Word of the Day Challenge


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