The Secret Keeper #164 – A Tragedy

He was not the artist he wanted to be. He had the obsession to act from an early age and now at twenty five, he found himself disappointing. He had turned to the theater for solace from his family life. After a few small successes, he started to think he would actually make acting a lifetime career. He lived a dream through scripted characters to shut out past memories, always being someone else with their hopes and dreams.

Joseph was mildly depressed when he started out on this venture, hoping to solve his inner problems. The deeper roles hindered his success of being free, as constant painful recollections invaded his mind. Instead of being assuaged by turning into someone else, it exacerbated his own truth.

Leaving the theater rehearsal that afternoon, Joseph was excited but also mesmerized by his latest role – Hamlet – that he failed to hear the taxi’s horn and was killed instantly.

Weekly Writing Challenge #164


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