Scotts Daily Prompt: North

As children we always referred to North as up. If you looked at a map right side up, northern areas were on the top. So if someone lives above you, they live up North.

When I moved from VT to TX I must admit I was looking forward to “the big city”. And it was, Houston. I was also unaware that being a “yankee” was looked down upon. I had a funny accent, no one could understand me and unless someone from the West or North was around, I was at a loss.

Of course it never occurred to them that I was fascinated by the idea of the South as I had read or seen stories of TX, LA and other places and I was anxious to see the real thing. I had seen New England cold seas and rocky beaches and wanted to see the Gulf with its warmer waters.

It was in the sixties, my first encounter with the South, and some parts were disappointing and revolting. The civil rights demonstrations were scary, but I believed necessary. However, we never went into the fray with our small children. The most disgusting were the separate bathrooms and water fountains for whites and blacks. I’m sure there are still some existing today. I felt instantly ashamed of my race.

Grocery shopping was the same. If a black person came into the line, people moved to a different line. I was shocked at first. Even in the late eighties when we lived near Dallas for three years, I still saw the same segregation.

That is the main reason we moved back to CO to raise our kids in a better environment. I have acquaintences and relatives in TX now and some are still prejudiced.

I don’t hold out hope things will change in the North or South, East or West until people start finding a way to accept the inside person, not just their outside appearance. And it’s not just race. I am in a wheelchair and it is assumed I am therefore disabled in mind and body, talked down to, ignored and in the way.

**I of course realize there are prejudices all over the US and the world in general, for every reason.

Come on guys!



6 thoughts on “Scotts Daily Prompt: North

  1. My best friend growing up was named Rita North, and her house was north of my house. To this day, when I have to figure out east and west, I mentally face toward Rita’s house, know it is “north” and imagine east to my right and west to my left.

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  2. “I am in a wheelchair and it is assumed I am therefore disabled in mind and body, talked down to, ignored and in the way”. You don’t think it’s because we are old now? For I seem to get the same treatment when out. … sigh!

    People who are younger just push past or we are ignored… Everybody knows North is up and when north we say, going down south. Yeah I know it’s round!

    When we were kids we loved Nat King Cole seeing him in a movie with Stubby Kaye? Sublime!

    Cheers Jamie

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    1. Nope I just think it’s another form of discrimination. There are a few young wc people here on wp that feel the same. Naturally had a unique soft smooth voice, lovely.


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