FOWC – Whiff

I had to chuckle reading this prompt. Most of the people in my close family have allergies. Maybe that’s the reason their noses don’t pick up what mine does or I’m just supersensitive. Either way I was usually the one who said, do you smell that?

I also have very good hearing– it is usually my voice saying, did you hear that, or what was that noise?

However now that I spend most of my time alone, I don’t say either. A whiff of something in a small apartment is enough to set my eyes watering. If I cook, even in the oven, like last night’s dinner with garlic and herbs on baked chicken, it stays with me all night. Use a fan you say? Well my lovely apartment designer put a holder and vent for the fan above the stove but no fan, no light, and no switch to turn it on. Yup, another missing part along with so many others. But I digress. . .life gets teeejus, don’t it? : ))


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  1. Despite my allergies, I still have a pretty good sense of smell. During the week, I live on the 34th floor of a condo, and if I have my window open, I actually get cooking smells drifting in from down below!

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