The Haunted Wordsmith 10-19-18

Okay I’m not looking at it. I’m not even trying to look at it at all. I just might see it out of the corner of my gorgeous eyes, but, no, I’m not looking at it. I’m not! I am sitting here gazing in the glass, by the way, you look beautiful today dahling. ..and. . .oh my gosh, there it is! Sorry, I tried not to, but it is right there!

Just concentrate on the glass, it’s barely visible in my direct eyesight, and I am soooo gorgeous to look at it, I could spend all day looking at nothing but my own reflection! But I did get a glimpse of it. That white spiral just sitting there waiting to be touched. If I just put my paw on the very tip of it. . .

“WHISKERS! What are you doing on that cabinet? You know you’re not allowed up there!”

If I just touched the top, just a little, it would be okay. I’ll just reach over and pat the top, just a bit.


Oh oh, now who thought that would happen? (Grinning) maybe now she’ll think twice about serving me that dried crap again, I want tuna!



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