Putting My Feet in the Dirt 18

It happened at midnight

The frightening sight

And it took all my might

To try not to look at the devilish delight.

It wasn’t just the horrid blight

Of the dark in the middle of the night

I was mesmerized by the site

My computer screen all alight

The colors were way too bright

They were amazing even in spite

Of the laptop’s age–twenty years, quite

The devil appeared in all his right

Through the wild colors, there was no slight

In spectacle as I looked with fright

It was like I was cast in a spell of benight

But that wasn’t the worst this night

Before, I thought my room was airtight

But was suddenly surrounded by aplite

Unable to move myself from my plight

I couldn’t escape the devil’s might

And succumbed to his evil bedights

I never woke up from this, despite

All my efforts, I went down in the fight.


October Writing Prompts


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