MLMM Tale Weaver #193

“Can you see it? Can you see the new baby fairy? Can you tell if it’s a boy or girl? Oh, I hope, hope hope it’s a girl! I hope they name her Rosinda!”

“Rosinda! That’s your name, Rosy! Why would they do that?”

“Because I just looooove babies, especially girl babies and. . .I want to be remembered.”

Rosinda backed away from the window where all the single fairies had gathered to see the birth of the very newest of their kind. She helped Fantya with the white garland they draped around the window as a gift of good luck and long life. Each fairy wanted to see but Rosinda was the first one. All of her short life she wanted to be recognized, loved for herself, not just as one in a group of beautiful fairies.

Fantya let her help and tried to console her with words of praise. “Why, Rosinda, don’t you know everyone loves you? You have special talents some of us do not. Besides, Rosy, everyone, including you, has unique qualities.”

Rosinda backed away from the group and decided to go back to her flowers. She kept a hidden smile all to herself thinking she really was loved.


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