Word of the Day: Troll and RDP: Fleek

Late because we had blackouts yesterday and no wifi all night. I thought it had published but. . .noπŸ˜³πŸ™„


Wow, those are some mighty fine warts you have there, Stoney.

Thank you, Snaky, I do look rather fleek today, I think.

If it’s the ladies you want to impress you’d better pull on those high laced leathers, you know, just to hide those big feet of yours.

I am proud of those troll feet and some ladies are into furry, clawed feet.

I’ll bet you can find a lady or not that’s into something, especially this time of year.

Yes, of course, our time to shine, be that as it may.

May? That’s too warm for me and there’s all those disgusting flowers and blooms! Give me a scraggly tree stripped bare and rotted gourds on the vine, that’s my heaven.

Yes, I see your point, actually I see all of your points, been sharpening them lately?

You know it! Now let’s get back in the culvert til those little trick or treaters walk by…



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