Daily Addictions Week #41 – Season of the Witch

The name of the spoiled little girl was Grace. She came to life on All Hallows Eve at the stroke of midnight. The room teemed with odd noises and floating mists as soon as she was born.

The doctor in attendance tried to accommodate the parents by dismissing the unusual occurrences with calm offerings of reassurance. All births were announced in the local paper, with the caption: “Beautiful new babes born” and it included Grace.

Grace’s exotic beginnings followed her all of her life until the age of 16. At the stroke of midnight on her fifteenth year, Grace evolved into a full fledged witch.

Her parents had tried to modify her witchy ways, with no results. They shut her in her room for most of the day and in a locked closet at night.

Her first act of witchery was to imprison her parents in their room so she was free to do what she chose.



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