The Haunted Wordsmith Challenge 10-12-18

Daily Writing Challenge (DWC)

One thing I love about Halloween and this time of year is that the veil between what is and what is possible is very thin. One area of literature where possibilities can be seen around every corner is steampunk. As Jules Verne wrote in Journey to the Center of the Earth, “I dream with my eyes open.”

Your challenge today is to explore the world of steampunk. See where the prompt takes you and have fun.

Three Things Challenge (3TC)

For today’s Three Things Challenge, the words are: clockwork, imagine, orange.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the 3TC…simply consider the three words above and follow where they lead you.

“Steampunk is so appealing,” she said, fingering the leather straps and clockwork on the exhibitor’s costume. She made sure to linger over each piece, seeming to revel in the touch. “I can imagine it took quite a while to gather these items. Wherever did you find them?”

The man’s pride grew as he felt her appreciation of his talents.”Why, I fashioned this outfit myself. I’m glad you like it.” He stood back and took in the woman who approached him. She was also wearing steampunk era clothing, and it left little to the imagination. “I see you are an aficionado also. Did you make this yourself?”

“Certainly not, my husband made it for me. We come to the convention every year, just to have a little fun. . .you know, fun?”

“Your husband you say, is that him over there wearing that big orange lipstick kiss?”

The woman looked over her shoulder to the man sitting in a much less elaborate costume. “Why yes it is.” She turned back, winked at the man and walked off to the next exhibitor.


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