The Haunted Wordsmith DWC

A very small town in Vermont where I grew up had a few places we were not supposed to go, but as a teenager I thought I was actually in one. I used to babysit when asked. On yes, a dark and stormy night, I went to sit with a baby that was already asleep, so no problem, right?

Before the parents left, they put on a record, LP, of some horrible creepy music they apparently thought I should listen to. Maybe it was a lullaby for the baby to remain asleep, I had no idea. As soon as they left I turned it off. I looked around the living room as this home was new to me. There was a baby grand type piano, old. It was strewn with books, record albums, papers, etc and the whole room was quite dark.

The thunderstorm outside was getting louder. To keep myself busy, I went into the kitchen to wash up the supper dishes. It was at this time I was joined by a cat, jumping on the kitchen shelf next to me. Reaching out to pet her, she jumped back down. Coming from a dairy farm, we had plenty of cats, lots of strays left on our drive, so I was used to any type of behavior from them.

As the storm grew louder, there was banging on the door. I wasn’t about to answer since I was in a strange house and had the baby. The cat yowled and the whole atmosphere was getting creepier. I had just finished the dishes when a louder bang was heard and jumping through the door, literally knocking it down, was a huge dog. I barely had time to think, as the dog burst in, and it proceeded to chase the cat.

When I say chase, the dog and cat leapt on the piano, couch, table, all in a huge frenzy. I was trying to get the door back up in place since rain was coming in, so left the pets on their own. The cat must have found a hiding place because the dog gave up and joined me at the broken door, seemingly friendly, I grabbed his collar and put him in the back yard. I never saw the cat again.

Needless to say, I was paid well as when they returned, saw I had cleaned the kitchen and tried to fix the door. They apologized for the dogs escape and intrusion, but I never went back.


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