Putting My Feet in the Dirt 11

It was an ordinary day, ordinary life for two ordinary people who happened to be married for an ordinary thirty years. Such was the life of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, at Number 123, in Smithville, USA. Thirty years of hard worked jobs, three well loved, but too spoiled children, and a modest home that was just getting by as it was also thirty years old.

These two people fell in love at the naive age of twenty. Both had hopes and dreams back then, only to see their wants and needs become crushed by the everyday absurdity of ordinary life. Never being able to take a vacation or spend time with each other as a couple, since children arrived shortly after their union, they relied on those children to keep them together.

In doing this, their own lives as a pair diminished and after thirty years of spending anything extra on their children and their education, the couple found themselves alone to face their now empty lives. The twenty year old dreams were now dim desires of the past.

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