Putting My Feet in the Dirt 9

Ever had something make you shiver and quiver?

Grab your stomach and ruin your liver?

Well that’s what happened to me

Sitting there unsuspectingly

Trying to forget a horrible day

Hoping lots of wine would take it away

But that didn’t happen, need I say

No, it insured my unusual fate.

Walking home I passed the stones

You know the ones, covering bones

Slightly askew, some pretentious

As if the interred was someone pious

And that’s when I felt it, made me shiver

My hair stood up, my hands aquiver

Something not easy to spy

Out of the corner of my eye

Sneaking around the imprinted boulders

Suddenly felt I wasn’t getting any older

Would succumb to this wannabe ghoul

Brandishing a scythe as his horrid tool

I stepped lively started to panic

My actions caused a trip, I was manic

I looked around, it had disappeared

I thought I was silly, showing such fear

Hurried home and now feeling not at all safe

As eerie itching on my neck, starts to chafe.

October Writing Prompts


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