Haunted Wordsmith Challenge 10-6-18

“Once upon a midnight dreary…” she chanted over the boiling cauldron. Laughter permeated the classroom as the students nervously contemplated Miss Jones’ intentions.

The teacher of the year award winner wanted to set the mood for Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poetry. It took a lot of extra work these days with such competition from all sides of technology looming in the classroom. Miss Jones excelled in keeping her students interested and was most times successful.

As she had prepared the kettle with dry ice ahead of time and when adding the prepared blood red juices, it smoked, causing an interesting aspect to pique the interest of the sixth graders. Seemingly all knowing, jaded at the age of twelve, even the most nonchalant were fascinated. She had previously placed “the raven” above a high window and other suggestive items were placed strategically around the room.

“As I pondered, weak and weary…” she continued.