Daily Addictions: Solo and PMFITD 24

Wilting efforts on my blog lately. I think you’ll agree. Maybe it’s the time of year, things dying back, tired roots revealed, open feelings exposed.

Autumn is actually my favorite time of year, the colors, the scents, the beauty of nature, but here in the city I don’t experience them much. I think my inner love of nature is longing to be nourished.

Or it may be going solo much of the time lately, probably too much so. I miss interaction with people. My circumstances have changed over the summer and I’m turning into a regular homebody. That’s okay for a while, but then you start talking to things around you, like appliances, or supposedly convenient modes of transportation.

Small things seem to annoy more than usual. Oh well, maybe it’s time to get out the fall decorations I still have and light an apple candle to lift my spirits.

Happy Monday!

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