3TC 9-24-18

A conversation that upsets some

After biology of death, what’s to be done?

A funeral, a memory board

Or do you lean toward

My obvious choice, the glow.

The glow of cremation is my vend

Then there’s no question if my end

Is real, no one has to make the choice

No chemistry decision for the fam

No pulling of plugs for the state I am

All decisions properly made

By me while I’m still sane in my head

It was an easy choice, I fear not

What is, is what is, no mysterious plot

Curious more than frightened I think

Of course right now I’m not on the brink

That’s one reason why these decisions are done

Now, no burden for others just me, just one.

Images by DeviantArt

No, I don’t think I am a Phoenix, I just like the graphics☺️



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