MLMM Bonus Wordle B

Because of the bottomless cups of coffee Santa had consumed, his bloodshot eyes were starting to clear and his vision turned to the bleak dry landscape. He longed for that billowing breast of new fallen snow and the adventurous world trip in his sleigh. He wasn’t exactly borrowing any poet’s rhyme, but he did like the vision it created.

Santa decided to venture into the brisk breeze of his yard and check on the reindeer. He wondered if there had been any new breakthroughs in the caring of special reindeer with flying abilities. When he first consulted a veterinarian, hundreds of years ago, when he realized his deer could actually fly, he was thought to be berserk. Had he been drinking too much elderberry brine, the vet asked? But then after a brief demonstration, even the vet knew Santa’s secret. From then on, it was handed down from generation to generation and Santa’s reindeer were always kept in perfect health. After all, there was a tradition to be upheld.


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