Putting My Feet in the Dirt 21

A constant companion from the time she was born. . .how fortunate and blessed I am. A perfect example of sweetness, in personality and beauty, charming and delightful to be around.

The years have gone by so quickly, it’s almost a blur. Watching, enjoying, seeing her grow into a lovely young lady has been an absolute pleasure, a gift I never expected.

After troubling times, this gift was presented to our family. I truly believe rewards in life are not in an afterlife, but right in the here and now. This child was a gift at a needed time and has lived up to and gone beyond being that gift to all of us.

I am amazed at how she has developed in mind and body with great strength and compassion. Her friends and our family all consider her as this special delight.

People who have great influence on your life, especially in positive ways, need to be reminded of that, and told how much you appreciate the fact they are or have been.

I cannot imagine how anyone could survive the loss of such a person, and left only to have a remembrance of her.


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