Putting My Feet in the Dirt 20

“Well what should I make?”

To his family’s chagrin

“I know, peppered steak!”

Family took it all in

Then the family scowled

Even the dog let out a howl!

Jimmy was not a good cook

That’s why he got those looks

Every time he decided to cook

They’d offer up a cook book

Jimmy would just push it aside

Used only his talent of course, with pride

The problem was, he didn’t have any

For cooking at least, or others, many

But that never stopped him, heavens no

He busied himself at the charcoal’s glow

Cut off the fat, of that knowledge no lack

Then peppered that steak till it was black

“Black as oil” he said as he greased

The BBQ rack so it would release

His delicious blackened steak

Then on the side a sauce did make

Using onions and peppers, red and hot

Stirred it all up and on the steak plopped

The family prepared with bread and water

Mashed potatoes, anything that oughta

Remedy the heat of the expected feast

Imagining Jimmy a red horned beast.




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