MLMM Photo Challenge #230

Person 1. Well this is the best camping trip ever!

Person 2. I agree, who would think we’d ever see such beauty?

Person 3. Beauty? It’s beautiful, sure, but can’t you feel that? It’s heat!

Person 1. But the moon isn’t hot, it’s cold.

Person 2. And it’s not this golden yellow either.

Person 3. Are you sure it’s the moon?

Person 1. What else could it be?

Person 2. Right, it’s clearly nighttime so it has to be the moon!

Person 3. I don’t know what it is but it’s not just the moon.

The three campers were enjoying the night sky when this unusual orb appeared. Unfortunately for the three observers, the phenomena known in ancient legends as “the solution” was occurring. Prehistoric etchings had confirmed this event in caves but it was not meant to be survived in more recent times. The “solution” involved the combining of the sun and moon to destroy all present life on earth to provide a new beginning once again.


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