Putting My Feet in the Dirt 13 and 14

It was forever repeated as the mystery of Milmomyville because the locals thought that title would bring in more tourists. Heaven knows they needed something to infuse their coffers.

It had been another woeful season for the crops and millers were at their lowest point. The onslaught of headlines declaring wheat products were no longer beneficial and the new “no wheat, low carb” diets were causing the local farmers distress.

In a town meeting newcomer Jules Higgenbotom came up with the idea of changing their income from wheat bearing to fantasy fiction followers. Jules’ idea was magnificent. Being an avid fantasy reader, he realized the new surge in this particular readership could be a solution.

The town as a whole decided to take action to set up the mystery. It was decided there would be contests and costumes every summer. The townspeople were all asked to participate. Then Jules decided there should be a story behind a specific object and he came up with a “violet stone”. The idea was to have the stone, a fake amethyst of course, be the ultimate prize. The stone would hold the mystery and the quest would be to find the stone.

All was well received and the town began preparations for the events. There was a small altercation when older members discussed the validity of having a fake stone as a prize, and wanted to procure a genuine amethyst. Deciding an amethyst was much less expensive than an actual gem stone, the purchase was made. The next problem was where to keep it.

Of course everyone wanted to store it themselves and it was finally decided to keep it hidden from all but one, Jules. Jules was not your average wheat farmer. With his vast knowledge of the fantasy genre, he manufactured an intriguing story for the mystery.

As soon as the festival and mystery was successful, Jules was preparing an adventure for himself. He secretly packed his belongings and hid them along with the violet stone and profits from the mystery festivities.

The final night came where the quest was completed and the prize was awarded in ceremony. The next morning the town was gathering for cleanup activities and the subsequent meeting to find out the amount of their profits. Jules was missing at the cleanup but they were not worried, assumed he was busily filling out the official reports.

The real mystery of Milmomyville was how the town was fooled by Jules’ scam.


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