#writephoto 9-6-18

“Only a few more miles to go, Stephan. You can do it. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Remember it’s the life we’ve dreamed of, the promises we made to each other.” Stephan trudged along beside his brother, heavily relying on the walking stick he was grateful to have. Nicholas didn’t know how much his leg was paining him. Stephan had not the heart to tell him before they started out this morning. Nicholas was correct, they spent months planning this trip.

The day started out well, they had packed most everything the week before and Stephan was confident they could find some fresh fare along the way. So far the walking was fairly easy and the trail not too steep. This being the fourth day of their trip, Stephan decided to look for some herbs and berries he knew were around their campsite area. Being a practical person, Stephan had researched the natural bounty before they left. He even had pictures on his phone to make sure he harvested the correct items.

It was on this hunt Stephan fell into a small leaf covered hole and badly twisted his ankle. His brother Nicholas had gone in a different direction to gather firewood. Not wanting to disappoint his brother, Stephan found a stick to help him walk and took the berries and herbs back to the camp. After a good night’s sleep, Stephan had hoped his ankle had improved enough to continue their journey.

Walking ever slower, Nicholas finally stopped and asked what was wrong. Stephan had to admit his injury. Nicholas took it in stride, wrapped the ankle securely and set up a new campsite. “We’ve waited a long while for this, and we have the time, so no worries, brother. We’ll rest until you can walk easily again. Now what fine fare did you find on that fateful walk?” The two men had a laugh and all would be well.

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