Time to Write #38 – The Last to Know

You have everything, right?” Mary kept hurrying, reminding her mother so they could be quickly rid of this place.

After the headlines had outed Mary as the Prince’s secret lover, she couldn’t stay there any longer. It started as a casual flirtation, before she knew who he really was. Apparently he spent a lot of time outside the palace walls and his adventures were many.

Mary spent most of her free time taking care of her mother in their small apartment. Having a life outside home and office was a relief to her. These circumstances led to her affair with the Prince, her man of mystery, which she accepted without question. Their meetings were always in dark cafes or nightclubs, but she was so lonely, did not give it a suspicious thought.

Walking to work and stopping for her usual coffee, she was shocked to see the daily newspaper headlines. Glaring back at her was a photo of her in a seductive dress sitting on her lover’s lap. Only the headline revealed his true identity. Mary scooped up the paper and went home to pack.