Pet Memories, sort of

Just received my monthly informative (warning) letter from the apartment complex manager. It’s a newsletter sent to every resident at the end of the month restating the rules of the complex, etc. This particular one had special dates/days occurring in September. I was laughing at the ninth which happens to be my birthday. It is Grandparents day also Pet Memorial Day. Am I the only one that finds that funny?

My step mother buried her beloved poodle in a pet cemetery in Florida and my father and she visited regularly. I’ve had many pets, look back on them with fond memories, and tears, but I would never bury them in a cemetery with a headstone, etc. When our last pet, a shitzu died of old age, we buried him by the other unfortunate animals we all had lost, on the ranch in Colorado. A kindly neighbor had a machine to help bury one of the horses. I felt the pain and still do, over the loss of these temporary friends, but I would never bury them in a cement plot. For two unexpected deaths, one from bloat and one from cancer, the vet helped with the disposal of the bodies. When living in a city, that is the option. If only my stepmother cared as much for people as she did for her pet, we all would have been happier, including her.


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