A Lady’s Choice

She tried a few times, pouring over old mysteries, trying to find a lethal method to obtain her inheritance, but not implicating herself in the process, was beyond her own imagination.

Julie had lived as a caretaker most of her life; her grandparents, now her father. She was tired. Never experiencing what so many other young women had, she was a lonely spirit in mind and body.

After seeing an interesting man on one of her many village walks, she suddenly thought perhaps she could meet a man like this, but arriving home, a glance in the mirror convinced her otherwise. Julie would need a complete overhaul to attract a man like that and it would take time and money. The only money was hoarded away by the very people she had cared for all these years. None of them seemed to realize she was a woman with thoughts and desires of her own. The money available was used for the base necessities of food, clothing and medicines. She knew there was an inheritance coming and when she thought if it, guilt took over greed. That was until she spied the man on her trip to the apothecary.

After daily duties were done, Julie started to plot how to obtain the inheritance. Planning her remaining patient’s demise without raising suspicious thoughts, Julie discarded the idea of a noose. She doubted anyone would believe her disabled father would attempt suicide.

Reading murder mysteries, she discovered in older days women used poison to dispose of unwanted people in their lives and the plan developed. An accidental overdose might not be believed since she was the very observant caretaker, known well by the medical doctors and even the apothecary personnel. As she researched, found an untraceable poison, and decided to procure it. Seemingly, a simple backstreet encounter lasting only five minutes to ensure her happiness of a lifetime. Julie, being of average intelligence never thought out the details or the consequences of such a purchase.

Julie father suffered his demise the next day. No one seemed surprised the old man died. The next morning Julie did not rise to her father’s cries for help, or fixing porridge for anyone, not bathing or changing diapers for anyone either, for the first time in over twenty years. She laid n her bed thinking of how she was finally free when there was a knock on the door.

No one ever visited but she thought it might be another offer from a neighbor thinking she was grief stricken by her father’s death. She assumed the expected sorrowful face as she opened the door.

“Good day, madame” as he removed his hat. “I am Sherlock Holmes and this is Dr. Watson”.


For the Three Things Challenge: inheritance, noose, poison.



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