MLMM Photo Challenge #228

The two seasoned detectives enter the crime scene, and upon seeing the suspect, Joe spoke to his underling in a low voice, “this gives “kitty” a whole new meaning”. The woman-turned-cat sat in the chair with her knees up in the darkened room, quietly smoking a cigarette. Joe gave his partner a lascivious smile and proceeded to the body. The woman in question seemed unmoved, only taking long draws from the cigarette.

Detective Friday leaned over the now blood soaked corpse, noticing deep scratches over the face and torso. Mike seemed to be less interested in the body, having difficulty taking his sight from the cat’s eyes. “Ma’am, I need to read you your rights. . .”

Slowly the woman puts down her legs and as Joe turns on the lamp to better see the body, he hears a muffled scream. Joe looks across the room and finds his partner slumped next to the empty chair.

The only evidence found at the double murder scene was a few hairs of a black cat.


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