MLMM Wordle #208

Being a reasonable person with an ordinary, if there is such a thing, psyche, I rarely let everyday occurrences rub me the wrong way. Life is short and constantly trying to persuade yourself it’s a bowl of cherries is futile. I am no one’s clay pigeon to be destroyed in a single shot by a supposedly well rehearsed purveyor of vitiated information.

Yesterday I rose from my sleep, prepared myself to greet the public and set out for the mailbox. Rarely do I receive anything except pleas for money from charities, some newspaper ads and the occasional bill. Most of my bills are paid through EFTs/ electronic fund transfers.

The monstrosity of Medicare, Social Security, additional needed coverage in case you have a hospital stay, AARP, etc are all a huge part of my income drain. I have used them all and have been well for the past five years, but the payments steadily increase. It makes me extremely frustrated. I would take a long dive off a rooftop, if I could get up there, if I had an elevator, and if I didn’t have loved ones. Sometimes I see people on the street and I think, one missed payment and there I’d be.

The mail this day contained a letter warning me my health coverage was going under because of missed payments. I checked my bank account, payments came out automatically, as always, so this was false. I made the mistake of calling to tell them that and after being on hold for three different people and over an hour of complete frustration, I finally said, if you record these calls, how come your inefficiency hasn’t been discovered? Having a mostly hidden temper, I just hung up.

P.S. I did respond to the letter, of course after I thought about it and retrieved it from the trash. I asked my daughter if she thought it would be inappropriate to just scribble two words over their typing, but for some reason, she discouraged it. 😂😳🙄😂

This is not Flash Fiction, dear MLMM.


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