Sunday Photo Fiction 8-26-18

It was completely vine covered, holding the deepest secrets of the church. Not even old Father Finnegan would enter this part of the sanctuary. The door had no lock but never needed one. All those who opened the door were either instantly drawn in, some literally sucked in a type of vacuum or shoved in by well meaning parishioners. I hesitate for a moment, in writing that, because personally, I believe they were only concerned for their own safety, not of the poor souls interred within the ivied walls.

The chapel in the town of Douganburg used to be a friendly warm place for visitors passing through. It was, until the elders of the church built an addition onto the main structure. The formerly welcoming church now had a feared and separate destination for the poor tortured people in the area. Persons were lured there and unceremoniously pushed inside the green covered addition, all the while unaware of its confinement.

The rumors spread of course, but most curious visitors never dared open the mysterious blue door. What happened inside the door remains unseen and unheard. A few unfortunate mindless and unwanted were also harbored there. Why it was added to the church is a mystery and what happens when a being enters has been a legend in the village for over a hundred years.


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