MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt- Sitting

Sitting here , who am I kidding? I’m always sitting, unless of course I’m laying, in bed, tossing about trying to sleep. Where was I? Oh, sitting, yes, it has been my lot in life for the past five years with the occasional tip over just to make life interesting. You only forget to put the brakes on once, well, maybe twice.

But I digress. Yes I love that phrase, because it is so typical of myself and people my age, right beside “in my day, or in the old days, we used to, that’s how it was”, etc. How irritating to use these terms unexpectedly. I think it comes with that horrid word “age”. The blue sky, sunny days, everything is roses people will tell you a long life is the dream, along with, at least you have your health, etc.

Back to sitting. The Prompt talks of getting from one place to another. Five years ago when I lost my husband to esophagus cancer I thought I don’t want to go anywhere. That lasted a few months and then my view changed. Too many memories and sad faces around me, I wanted to move. After eighteen months that happened. Does the phrase, “be careful what you wish for” come to my mind?

We moved to WY which I was looking forward to, not realizing the journey would be so difficult. The environment in every possible way was a complete opposite of my previous twenty years.

In WY my travels are limited, physically and mentally. I no longer have a home, yard and access to friends, or the outside world of a small town. From the surroundings of a country type atmosphere to a cold cement apartment was just the beginning. The community is completely different, and my personal circumstances are worse.

I’ve lived in almost every type of area, from a tenement building to a lovely new modern home. My travels have afforded me constant new experiences with different people, even though I have not been a world traveller.

So is the journey from place to place in life.


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