Daily Addictions Prompts Week 34

Looking at this week’s words, my spirit animal came to mind, the dragonfly. I have always been fascinated by them and have their symbol on my blogsite.

At dusk, dragonflies will eat those pesky biting flies and mosquitoes, as they flutter by your being. Their precious tiny body will approach but never bite you. Their mandibles are not strong enough to penetrate your skin. Being hatched under water, they live there for about two years, before emerging to fly, proving they are durable creatures. They have been known to migrate up to 11,000 miles. Their amazing unique ability to fly up and down, reverse in backwards motion, catch and devour their prey has been the envy of flight engineers for years. Companies have tried to make robot fliers resembling these creatures, but so far their efforts have gone awry.

I have always loved them and over the years, many changes, so chose them as my spirit animal:



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