MLMM Tale Weaver – Taphephobia

I had to add Michael’s list of phobias because I found one of them hilarious. . .any guesses? Thanks again Michael, for great prompts.


She didn’t much care for the out of doors, being sickly most of her late adult life, chose to remain inside. Occasionally she would be forced to leave her small abode to take what they called therapeutic walks, a supposed therapy for her condition. Marie had caregivers in the way of two nieces who visited often, thinking they knew what was best for their aging aunt.

Their unwanted attention seemed to increase after a family gathering was held at her husband’s funeral. At this meeting, the remaining family members consisting of the two nieces, one distant nephew and an older sister all met to decide Marie’s future.

She didn’t need their intervention but seemed helpless to change any of the circumstances. Marie was “allowed” to remain in her home since the mortgage had been paid years earlier, and any other living expenses would be covered by her monthly benefit. She and her husband received the benefit after years of employment in a government office. Marie felt no remorse in accepting this stipend which was lowered considerably after her husband’s death. She got by, as the saying goes and was perfectly satisfied living by herself in her own home.

At the meeting it was disclosed that her husband’s will included a clause saying that if anything happened to Marie, the descendants–nieces and nephew, would reap the reward. Marie scoffed at the thought. There were no savings, no reward as it turned out, but a life well lived. After this misinformation circulated, the attention of the two nieces increased to the point Marie was getting frustrated by their visits.

Marie was a mentally strong woman even in her early eighties, strong and independent. However, she did have a couple of phobias: spiders and being buried alive. The fear of spiders she slowly overcame because living alone she had no choice, but the burial fear cause her to request cremation upon her death.

The nieces decided Marie was taking a bit too long in succumbing to old age and devised a plan. The walks were increased and Marie was getting more tired. Often stopping to rest on a log or boulder, the nieces would leave her to sit while seemingly busying themselves in conversation about the surroundings. They had previously set up a trap of sorts and were sure Marie was sufficiently tired to fall into it (by mistake).

Their plan worked, Marie fell into the leaf covered hole without a whimper as the two girls pretended not to notice. The local costabulary dismissed the whole event as an accident and the girls received no consequences.

Of course there was another will reading after Marie’s cremation. The girls could hardly hide their anxiety over the reading. The minister present read the will aloud.

“This is the last will and testament of Mrs. Marie Vanheusen….hereby revoking any previous wills and testaments as of this date ( a year earlier)….I hereby bequeath all my worldly possessions although meager, to the Sisters of Faith charity…

The nieces looked at each other in shock. They had hoped to enjoy Marie’s home and possessions for themselves. Now they only had each other and their miserable lives.



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