Word of the Day: Cacophany

Saturday morning between six and six-thirty we in the complex, especially me since I’m about fifty feet away from these beauties (apartment dumpsters), a cacophony of garbage trucks is heard.

This occurs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Since my building is the furthest from the main street, we are the first ones emptied. The trucks are big with loud engines, deep and rough treads rumble through the parking lot and delightful backup, get-out-of-the-way beeping begins. The actual dumping isn’t that loud unless a resident (as they did this week) decides to discard their couch. The recycle bin is always overflowing so maybe that was the reason to see half a couch topping the regular dumpster.

I’m not complaining, the idea that garbage is not left to cause icky odors is welcomed. Being this close, I add I’ve never smelled anything originating from the bins.

The old steam engine locomotive started up about eight, downtown, for tourists to see and ride, so that type of noise is comforting. You take the bad with the excellent!