MLMM Saturday Mix – Judgments

“I heard them whisper. It’s very rude to whisper in a third party’s presence. Of course not surprising since their parents don’t have many manners either. Young people these days–I just wanted to shout at them, “can’t you see I’m right here? Why are you whispering?” Of course I didn’t, that would be rude.”

This humid day, Mary had asked them to help weed the garden. Realizing it was sticky and hot, made lemonade from real lemons, and their favorite Coca Cola was in the fridge. She rose early in the day to make their favorite lunch and cookies for dessert. So why were they over there, whispering and giggling? It was just plain rude.

The two helpers were not making fun of their old aunt, in fact they enjoyed visiting and helping when they were asked. They knew there would be treats for them as always, even though they didn’t expect her to actually do anything except observe.

Aunt Mary’s birthday, which she had apparently forgotten, was on this day. The two children were whispering and giggling over the fact their parents were planning a special surprise dinner for her at their home. Sending the children over to occupy their aunt was a ploy to keep her busy.

Mary poured the lemonade into two ice filled cups, and pulled out her hanky to dry her hands. She picked up her book and mumbled something they couldn’t hear, but they kept on working, trying not to disclose the secret.


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